General Information for Applying

About Sitapatr School

Sitapatr School is an intercultural and fun-driven school which comprises of English, Thai, and Chinese Programs. We are fully committed to developing a positive environment while creating enthusiasm for learning within the English language. We nurture and build both our teacher’s and learner’s confidence through teacher training, incentives, state of the art facilities, purposeful academic sessions and language immersion. Language abilities come from our passionate teachers and engaged students. Sitapatr’s team possesses a willingness to empower and share knowledge with others effectively.

We strive to build upon our unique and modern private school by setting a higher standard of education through combined efforts and capabilities, simplified objectives and clear expectations. Our Teachers accomplish this by prioritizing Sitapatr’s four key values: Hard Work, Upbeat Attitudes, Strong Relationships, and Leadership.

As educators, we are determined to enrich our student’s language experience by giving our students the confidence to excel their communication skills in the classroom, and more importantly, in everyday life.

Our Mission

Be flexible and have fun
Know and communicate all expectations
Teach phenomenal ESL classes
Help others by all means
Aspire to be better

Sitapatr’s English Program

EP Departments and Levels

Ages 2 - 3

Pre-K ApplePre-K Coconut

Kindergarten 1 - 3
Ages 3 - 6

K1 K2 K3
EP Sunny EP Ladybird EP Daisy
EP Rainbow EP Grasshopper EP Lily
EP Star EP Dragonfly EP Tulip

Primary 1 - 6
Ages 6 - 12

P1 Dolphin P2 Eagle P3 Lion P4 P5 P6
P1 Whale P2 Falcon P3 Tiger

About our EP Kindergarten

Sitapatr School was one of the first full private English Program Kindergarten programs here in NST. Our Program is very reputable and is continually getting stronger and larger. More importantly, our students are improving each term and achieving great results. Our Kindergarten is a trilingual program consisting of an ‘EP,’ or English Program, Chinese and Thai Programs. EP students have 3 full English language sessions each day.

In the morning, students learn songs, games, arts and crafts in the English language in what we call our 'Circle' and 'Activity' times. The focus here is learning by doing and using appealing and fun activities to create engagement and comprehension in the English language. This is done through various teaching methods, materials and repetition. We believe in a very hands-on approach with teaching new vocabulary through chanting and routine while working on motor skills, speech and listening development, art, social, and life skills.

Then, in the afternoon we continue with our ‘Academic’ session, Phonics in which we use syllabi based on western standards. All teachers have new books along with a set curriculum including: provided resources, teacher books, teacher training, assessment classes with feedback from the Director and Head Teachers, peer to peer observation, Thai Teacher Aids, workshops and an overall great support system to reach optimal results professionally and individually.

We offer curriculum from various recognized and accredited western institutions along with our very own personalised Sitapatr curriculum in which we’ve progressed every term since our opening.

Sitapatr’s Anuban Curriculum

Cambridge Oxford Sitapatr
Syllabi **
Talk 4

** Continually developed by the EP with the required Thai Government Standards (MOE)
* STEAM is subjects of study in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Teachers that are interested in our unique ‘Anuban’ Program must have high-energy, be flexible, enjoy songs and dancing, and must absolutely LOVE teaching young children!

About our EP Primary

Our Primary English Program holds levels Primary 1 - 6 and has advanced into a leading EP Program in the area. Due to our overall size and flexibility at Sitapatr we have had continuous development each year. This is done by retaining our qualified and experienced Primary Teachers while implementing new ideas, teaching techniques and methods within our structure consistently. Structurally, our Primary Teachers have created a high standard extension of our Kindergarten program. We do this in two different ways:

1) We focus on communication by offering teacher training with feedback, professional development classes, weekly meetings, assessments and standards built around our targeted set of English Core Skills in the classroom.

2) We encourage our students to constantly build confidence and their English foundation while excelling their individual skills. These subjects have a cross-curricular core while using recognized and accredited curriculum from the following:

Sitapatr’s Primary Curriculum

English Core Reading Science Maths Health
Phonics Oxford Readers Cambridge Sitapatr's Syllabi **
Sitapatr's Syllabi **
Everybody Up! Talk 4 Writing

Sitapatr’s Syllabi**

Lab Use with Syllabi Project & Presentation
Grammar Reading A-Z Lab Use with Syllabi Computer Lab Use Computer Lab Use
Creative Writing Computer Lab Use STEAM STEAM  
* Intervention Intervention Intervention Intervention Intervention

** Continually developed by our EP and follows the required Thai Government Standards (MOE)
* Intervention is taught as a ‘pull out’ class in order to increase developmental help.

Lastly, we are excited to anonounce we will be offering a Physical Education and Arts Curriculum in the near future!

Bonuses & benefits are given to teachers who re-sign for their new contracts and help provide the continuity of teaching we aim to provide.

FAQs about working at Sitapatr School

Who is English Program Director and how will I be supported?
The EP’s Director is an American with fluency in the Thai language and has over 8 years of teaching experience in Thai education. You will be guaranteed help with all aspects of work in regards to arriving, stay and transport, visas, work permits, training, planning, teaching and all-around support to ensure job satisfaction and a gratifying life in NST, Thailand.

In addition, we have 2 Head Teachers that are more than reliable, experienced, and adept at providing guidance, feedback, and overall support.

How many students per class will I be teaching?
Primary classrooms average at 17 students per classes.
Kindergarten classrooms vary but we don’t allow more than 30 per room.
When possible, we try to keep our class sizes low.

What is an actual day like here at Sitapatr School as an English Teacher here at Sitapatr?
We work hard and take our positions serious as educators. However, we work in a calm and fun environment. Some days are busier with professional development classes, events, competitions, meetings, shows, planning, holidays and teaching.

Our teachers arrive to school at 7:45 am M-F. Teachers will take their students to Morning Assembly starting at 8:10 am. Thai National Anthem and prayers, announcements, activities, awards, and time of respect is given during this time.

Primary teacher's classes begin at 8:30 AM and run until 3:30 PM. No teacher will teach more than 18 contact hours (15 actual hours) per week. Each day has 7 class periods in which Teachers may teach 2-5 classes depending on their day’s timetable.

Kindergarten teachers will be in their homerooms assisting their Homeroom Thai Teacher and doing daily routines.

We teach ‘Circle Time’ from 9:00 - 9:30 AM and ‘Activity Time’ from 10:00 - 10:30 AM.

Then, the teachers will be responsible for setting up beds for nap time or taking the students to lunch around 11 AM.

Each week, all Kindergarten Teachers have 1 free morning when their classes having swimming

All EP Teachers have 1 hour lunches and can eat free here or leave the school and eat outside.

Afternoon classes resume after lunch for both departments. Primary will follow their own personal timetable while Kindergarten will teach their Phonics lesson.

3:45 pm teachers are free to go home or teach extra classes after school if they wish (School Club, Homework Club, Art Club, Math Club, or Science Club).

All in all, it makes for a fun, spontaneous, and eventful routine!

How many hours a week do we teach?
Anuban Teachers average teaching hours are around 10 hours per week.
Prathom Teachers average teaching hours are 18 classes.
The job is a normal teaching job with normal school hours 7.45 AM to 3.45 AM. The contract (as per nearly all full time contracts in Thailand) states no more than 20 contact hours a week.
In truth, it's easier. We try to limit actual contact hours when possible to free up more time for resource and planning development.
If for any reason a teacher needs to leave the school grounds all they have to do is ask. We are very much on an honor system here and we accommodate circumstances when possible.

Is there a curriculum for the classes or do we create our own?
Sitapatr is a very organized school. Both Programs offer extensive and organized resources.

Primary levels will be provided a detailed class plan(s), text books, up-to-date syllabi and folders including: a subject handover manual, mapping tools, the previous year's work, lessons, reviews, tests, examples, projects, grades, outlines, teaching resources and training folders.

In addition, we provide orientation, In-house training, observation classes with feedback, professional development sessions, tutorial videos and regular meetings to ensure that we teach each subject to our expected standards.

Kindergarten is provided with the exact same resources aimed for success and support. However, the syllabi and department is different compared to that of Primary. For the younger students we do topic based learning; so we pick a topic each week and create activities based on that. We work as a team to organize our monthly plans. Planning is done in advance and part of our role here is to develop the curriculum each year to ensure constant development.

If you enjoy working in a team setting then you would fit in very well here. We communicate, bounce ideas off one another and stress the importance of team-work

Are we able to work on the side (ie. extra classes etc.)?
Yes, of course. Sitapatr runs a club (called After School Club) each evening from the school buildings and any teacher wishing to increase their income can ask to be one of the club team. In addition, if you feel you can provide a new and exciting idea, topic, or skill to teach then we will support you the best we can. Also, the Director can link you to many other tutoring opportunities if you wish.

Are we able to work on the side (ie. extra classes, tutoring, etc.)?
Yes, of course. Sitapatr runs a club (called After School Club) each evening from the school buildings and any teacher wishing to increase their income can ask to be one of the club team. In addition, if you feel you can provide a new and exciting idea, topic, or skill to teach then we will support you the best we can. Also, the Director can link you to other tutoring opportunities.

Are there any other surprising responsibilities or aspects of teaching at Sitapatr in Thailand?
Yes, of course.
Since Sitapatr is a private school in Thailand we have many more tasks than just teaching! We will have numerous shows, events, holidays, and special days throughout the year such as: 'Wai Kruu Day (Teacher Appreciation Day), Teacher Day, Mother's Day (the Queen's Birthday here), Father's Day (the King's Birthday here), various Buddhist/Religious holidays, ASEAN Day, Academic Day, Parades & Sport's Day, Christmas, and Graduation to name a few!

Are there any volunteer opportunities in Nakhon and at Sitapatr?
Yes, of course.
Sitapatr holds a yearly Christmas Donation Program in which we raise money, resources, and goods for 2-3 local schools in need. We've currently run this now for 3 years and it is a blast! Nakhon does have an all boys Orphanage in which many foreign teachers volunteer their time and resources. Many volunteer options are here so just ask!

How many holidays do we get a year, paid or unpaid? Do we choose when we take them?

All public and national holidays, End of Term and End of Year breaks are paid under your 'Contract Agreement.'

October is our Term 1 Break and our teachers receive a 1-Month paid vacation.

December is full of holidays. We receive National holidays, Christmas and New Years breaks.

March 18th - May 17th (dates fluctuate from year to year) is our End of Year break and teachers receive another 8 Weeks paid vacation with an opportunity for 2 bonuses!

Furthermore, the EP Director will grant you 5 additional 'Personal Days' within your contract for free!

All holidays are only granted in special circumstances and with special consideration. All in all, around 3 months of paid holiday!

What are the minimum requirements?

  • Native English Speaker
  • Passport
  • Resume/CV
  • Original Bachelor's Degree
  • Original Transcripts
  • Criminal Background Check (not required by Sitapatr but by the Thai Government)
  • 11 available months and a fun-loving, adventurous attitude!

What are the preferred qualifications?

  • Teaching Degree (Bachelors and Masters)
  • Teaching Experience

What is the pay and benefits?
Salaries are offered on an individual basis depending on qualifications and experience. Our standard starting salary is 31,000 Thai Baht per month in total for 11- Month Contracts. This is higher than other schools because we demand high expectations. Our teachers should be compensated to the level in which they carry out their work.

In addition to all Teacher Contracts, a Completion Bonus is granted while a Re-Signing Bonus and an salary Increase are offered after teachers 1st-Year Contract ends. To recap:

Salaries and Bonuses

  • Starting Salary of 31,000 Baht in total with the Bonus Incentive Plan (starting amount depends on experience & qualifications)
  • Bonus Incentive Plan, or BIP, equals 1,000 extra Baht per month (awarded with the starting salary but not paid for holiday months of April & October)
  • Yearly Contract Completion Bonus of 20,000 Baht minimum (paid at the end of the 11- Month Contract & subject to increase for long-term teachers)
  • Re-Signing Bonus 30,000 Baht (Salary amount + your Completion Bonus if re-signing. Over 50,000 Baht in bonuses!)
  • Competitive Re-Signing Salary Increases for returning teachers

Visas, Taxes, Social Security & Insurance

  • 5 Personal Days (5 free days, no explanation and no loss in pay! We don't make you pay for your days off!)
  • Fully Paid Visas, Work Permit and Teacher License
  • Accident Insurance Coverage (10,000 Baht)
  • Paid Health Coverage (20,000 Baht)
  • No Paid Tax for 1st Year Teachers (Americans don't pay for first 2 years!)

Paid Holidays & Sick Leave

  • Around 11+ weeks Paid Holidays (even more for renewing teachers)
  • Tons of Thai Holidays = paid vacations or long weekends!
  • 5 Personal Days!!(5 free days, no explanation and no loss in pay! Won’t make you pay for your days off!)
  • 7 free sick leave days per term

Facilities and Extra Perks!

  • New, modern facilities including rec center, funzilla playgrounds, offices, libraries, Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, coffee shop/gift shop, private balcony with couches to relax
  • School Clubs = extra classes, more money and teach new subjects, levels and projects!
  • Orientation – meet new and old teachers and learn about our Program’s expectations.
  • Thai Classes - learn how to read, write, and speak Thai for free. Director has ongoing offer to anyone interested!
  • Monthly Assessments - touch base with your supervisors and discuss anything. Time for reflection and acknowledgement.
  • Proper Training – newly structured system giving all Teachers time, assistance, feedback, and continual development.
  • Observation classes by your Head Teacher, Director and your Peers! Positive and useful feedback all the time!
  • The privilege of working with the most caring Thai & EP Teachers, Thai & EP Directors, admin and the cutest and brightest children.
  • Free Lunches (delicious food in-school and restaurants and the new Central Mall nearby too!)
  • Full support in and out of school from EP and Thai Directors - help start your new life stress free!
  • Great Work Environment with a Small, Friendly, Team-Like Atmosphere!!

How does the banking work?
We simply open a Thai bank account for you and your monthly salary is deposited automatically on the first day of the following month. ATM machines are everywhere and Visa is accepted everywhere.

What is the location of the school?
Nakhon is a medium sized city and our school is in the city, on the main road next to the newly built Central Mall & opposite NST’s largest and most well-known hospital called, ‘Maharat.’

How does lunch work at the school?
Lunch is free and delicious at school. All are welcome to eat. It's a great way to try some new Thai foods and create relationships with Thai faculty and co-workers alike. However, if you want to eat out that's fine. We have a fine variety of food options near our school. Many teachers like to eat in together or to walk and eat out together. This makes for good time to bond with other teachers.

Is accommodation and transportation included or do I find my own?
The Director will collect you from the airport, help with all necessary arrangements upon your arrival and introduce you to the city and help you meet other teachers living here.

Accommodation is included (off-campus) and living costs are very low in Nakhon. Nice 2-3 bedroom houses are available for around 5,000 – 8,000 Baht a month, or furnished apartments a little cheaper.

We normally recommend getting into a nice home with a few new friends/co-workers. Many new teachers feel very welcomed here and like living with others because it gives them a great sense of community and provides safety, entertainment, and new experiences.

Are there other Westerners at the school & in NST?
Yes. The EP Department will have a team of around 15 foreign teachers from and NST has well over 200 other westerners.

Nakhon has been going through a real developmental boom over the last few years and there are lots of western teachers now. As a social group, I'd estimate around 60 are out and about on a regular basis having housewarming parties, celebrations, events, holiday parties, charity events, island trips and generally socializing (realistically over 200 westerners here) - there's a wide variety of age groups. However, everyone is very friendly and NST attracts some of the most friendly and like-minded Westerners to Thailand.

What is the transportation like within the city?
Good. Public motorcycle taxis, song-taows, and the new car Taxi system make it very affordable and convenient to get from place to place, especially the airport or train stations. However, teachers buy cheap scooters to drive themselves. This is something we can help you to find very easily.

How do I get a Work Permit & Visa and what are the costs?
The Director and the school covers the cost and organizes of all documentation. We will help you arrange to get the relevant Non-B Visa from your current location - no problems, no cost for you. Any Visa fees you incur in applying for your visa will be refunded after a 3-month period of work, excluding travel expenses. We take pride in helping our teachers make sure this process is smooth.

Are there Half-Year Contracts available?
Only under certain circumstances will the Director offer a short-term contract.

Visas will not be issued under a six-month contract anymore (Thai law). We are looking for a one year commitment (11-months really) which is why we offer a completion bonus. It is difficult to organize a syllabi, progress as a team and provide our students proper education if teachers don’t fulfill their contracts. This is very important to us.

Is Health Care provided and am I covered?
An allowance is included for accidental and sickness in the monthly salary to contribute towards health care and is included in the stated salary. If you wish to arrange health or accident cover from within Thailand we can introduce you to a reputable company and agent. In addition to this there is a basic government cover included by the school administration. This will cover for accidents and illness and is free of charge up to a certain amount.

How do I apply?

  • E-mail Sitapatr's Director, Mr. Waitman at


  • 1 Cover Letter - include why you feel you would be a good addition to our school, which level/subjects are most suitable to you, and some background information detailing experiences and goals.
  • 1 Full Resume/CV - truthfully displaying your previous work, experience, education and references!
  • 2 References - from previous employers, teachers, and community member.
  • 1 scanned Recent Photo
  • 1 scanned Passport including the ID/Info page
  • 1 scanned copy of your original Degree
  • 1 scanned copy of your original Transcripts
  • 1 scanned copy of any TEFL, TESOL, TOEIC, CELTA, PGCE, or any other qualifications
  • Lastly, if you were referred or know someone in the Sitapatr family, please state so.